About Us

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RK Machinery is Latvia-based steel processing and machinery subcontractor. We provide full product development, starting from idea to factory acceptance test. Read more here.



RK Machinery’s engineering team consists of competent mechanical and mechatronics engineers, with wide experience in different fields such as analysing, designing, manufacturing and maintaining various types of mechanical systems.

Our engineers work in close corporation with the manufacturing department to ensure high quality and efficient manufacturing procedures.

If You are interested in joining our team, look at the job offers here.



We are proud to be a part of RK Metāls production group, which is one of the largest steel building structures manufacturers in the Baltic region. RK Machinery is also a part of UPB Group, one of the leading industrial holdings in the Baltics.

RK metāls was founded in 1993, and since then has grown to reach production capacity of 1000 tons of steel monthly and 23 million EUR turnover in 2020.


The main production areas of RK Metāls are: 

  • Steel building structures 
  • Steel structures with large span 
  • Heavy steel structures 
  • Offshore projects 
  • Bridges and other infrastructure projects 

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