DURMA HDL 3015 3.5kW CNC

Sheet dimensions 3000×1500 mm;
Stainless steel up to 12 mm;
Mild steel up to 20 mm;
Aluminium up to 8 mm.

TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 Truflow 5000
Sheet dimensions 3000×1500 mm;
Stainless steel up to 15 mm;
Mild steel up to 25 mm;
Aluminum up to 10 mm;


MGM spol. S.r.o OMNICUT 2100

Sheet dimensions 6000×2000 mm;
Mild steel up to 100 mm.


Robotic Thermal Cutting Machine

Voortman V808

The Voortman V808 is the most versatile and market leading robotic thermal cutting machine with 8-axis. The extreme flexibility of the robot in combination with the machine structure enables the machine to cut every 3D shape possible and mark all four sides of your material. This system allows for enormous freedom to design and produce structures with the most complex connections and copes, but also a significant increase in production speed.

The Voortman V808 robotic thermal cutting machine is equipped with the new faster and more accurate versatile Panasonic TL-1800G3 coping robot.

  • 8 axis, process all 4 sides
  • Automatic loading during processing
  • 42 m/min positioning speed
  • 1250 mm working width
  • 500 mm working height
  • 15000 kg maximum positioning weight



Press brake DURMA AD-S 25100 CNC (4 axes)

Length of the part up to 2550 mm;
Bending power 100 t.

Press brake DURMA AD-S 30220 CNC (8 axes)

Length of the part up to 3070 mm;
Bending power 220 t.



Electric roller with foot control

Heavy duty welded robust construction. Back roller can be adjusted using the hand wheel for conical bending. Upper roller can be turned away for easy removal of the work piece. Comfortable operation and both hands free. For light to medium jobs of up to 6 mm sheet thickness.

  • foot pedal (forward, backward)
  • top and bottom rollers powered
  • bottom roller adjustable by handle, eccentric
  • safety cord emergency stop
  • grooves for wire bending (4/6/9mm)
  • brake motor for precision
  • cast iron frame



At RK Machinery we have approved MIG/MAG and TIG welding procedures for the following materials in thicknesses up to 80mm:

  • Mild Steel
  • AISI 304/304L
  • AISI 316/316L
  • Duplex

We have experience in mild steel construction, stainless steel food mixers and cleaning units, decorative stainless steel construction, and machinery welding.

Our welding quality assured by certified IWE and VT, PT, MT NDT inspectors. RT can be achieved with 3rd party.

At our facility we have two separate welding departments for mild and stainless steel. Each department have 2 pcs. 10t cranes.

We strive for growth. Our company can offer additional custom procedures for our customers.



Turning machine HAAS ST-30Y CNC

Haas high-performance lathes/turning center.

CNC Lathe with Y Axis; 18″ x 23″ (457 x 584 mm) max capacity, 3.0″ (76 mm) bar, 31.75″ (806 mm) swing, ±2.00″ (±50.8 mm) Y-axis travel, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 3400 rpm, A2-6 spindle, 10″ (254 mm) chuck, 12-station turret, high-torque live tooling w/C axis, 15″ color LCD monitor, memory lock keyswitch, spindle orientation, USB port and rigid tapping. Our HAAS ST-30Y is equipped with options:

  • 12 tool automatic tool turret
  • Rigid tapping
  • Expanded memory
  • Spindle orientation
  • Chip conveyor
  • Parts catcher
  • Live tooling
  • Bar feeder
  • Automatic tool presetter
  • Remote jog handwheel
  • Programmable hydraulic tailstock

Milling machine HAAS VF3-SS CNC

Super Speed Vertical Machining Center; 40″ x 20″ x 25″ (1016 x 508 x 635 mm), 40 taper, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 12,000 rpm, inline direct-drive, 30+1 side-mount tool changer, 1400 ipm (35.6 m/min) rapids, power-failure detection module, 1 GB program memory, 15″ color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock keyswitch, 55-gallon (208 liter) flood coolant system. Machine equipped with options:

  • TSC (high pressure through-spindle coolant)
  • VMC Wireless Probing Option
  • Expanded memory
  • Spindle orientation
  • Rigid tapping
  • Chip conveyor
  • Remote jog hand-wheel

Milling machine ZAYER 20 KFU 2500 CNC

X axle 2208 mm, Y axle 1209, Z axle 1005mm. Max weight on table 8000 kg, 3 axles CNC. Spindle Swivel head 2 positions (vertical and horizontal). Automatic tool changer 30 pieces.

  • Table surface 2500×1000 mm
  • Toolholder – ISO 40
  • Tool magazine – 30 piece
  • Control: Grundig Pilot 1290
  • X axis2200 mm
  • Y axis1500 mm
  • Z axis1200 mm
  • Table – Pallet dimensions 800 x 800 mm x mm

Horizontal boring machine Wotan B75M Iberica

Conventional table type boring mill. Equiped with “AcuRite” position display 4-axis.

  • Spindle diameter 75 mm, ISO 50 driven by 6.7 kW motor
  • Travels – x-axis 1400 mm, y-axis 1000 mm, W-axis (spindle longitudinal) 800 mm, Quill controlled 600 mm
  • Table roates – b axis 360 degrees, Table area 1000 x 800 mm, max load 1500 kg
  • Spindle speeds from 12.5 to 1000 rev / min, feed rates from 0.02 to 8 mm / rev.

Turning machine Monforts RNC4

CNC lathe – inclined bed machine, 2 axis – MONFORTS RNC 4
Control GE FANUC 10 T
Circulation diameter over bed 420 mm
Turning length 600 mm
Travel distance – x 250 mm
Travel distance – z 620 mm
Turning diameter above the cross slide 280 mm
Bar diameter 65 mm
Main drive 18,5 kW
200 mm hydraulic chuck
Chip conveyor
Hydraulic tailstock
Tool turret SAUTER 12-fold, taper VDI-40

Turning machine TOS SUS 80

High rigidy heavy duty TOS Engine mechanical manual lathe with steady Rest, Inch & metric thread.

Equiped with option – Digital Read Out system

Max. processing diameter:

  • Over bed: 840 mm
  • Over support: 530 mm

Height of centers over the bed: 395 mm
Max. work-piece weight at 7,1 rpm: 6000 kg
Distance between centers: 3500 mm
Spindle diameter in a front bearing: 160 mm
Inner spindle cone (metrical): 100 mm
Front spindle end according to CHSN 20 1010: 290 mm

Turning machine SMTCL CA6250B

High rigidy mechanical manual lathe for general turning. High precision according to CE ISO9001. Max. Swing Diameter: 610Mmm, travel X – 500 mm, travel – Z 1500mm

Herman Kolb heavy radial drilling machine HKH80-2500

KOLB type HKH 80/2500, Radial Drilling Machine , built 1972.

  • bore spindle 65/115 mm
  • speed 14-1.360 min-1
  • power spindle motor 11 kW
  • boring depth 600 mm
  • max. boring pressure 3.000 kg
  • boring power St 60 80 mm
  • boring power GG 22 100 mm

distance spindle – column: min. 475 mm, max. 2.500 mm
distance spindle – base: min. 300 mm, max. 3.000 mm
clamping base length x width – 4.125 x 1.300 mm

Milling machine TOS FGV32

The FGV32 type is a high efficiency production milling machine with vertical spindle. It is designed for precision and productive milling of flat or box-section workpieces up to 250 kg weight occurring in the one-off or batch production.

The wide range of spindle speeds and feeds enables effective milling of all metals with tools made from a high speed steel or a hardmetal.

  • high rigidity and geometrical accuracy
  • hardened guideways
  • swivelling spindle head with shifting quill
  • climb-cut milling in longitudinal axis
  • simple operation
  • central lubrication system (manually operated)
  • surface finish through oil-resistant varnishes
  • Table size 360 x 1400 mm
  • Spindle with taper ISO 50
  • Spindle speed range 31,5 – 1400 rpm
  • Power 5.5 kW
  • Climb-cut milling in longitudinal axis
  • Worklighting
  • Machine equipped with digital read-out HEIDENHAIN – 3 axes
  • Working area along X-axis: 1020 mm
  • Working area across Y-axis: 320 mm
  • Working area vertical Z-axis: 435 mm


Surface Treatment

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is used to clean surface until S2.5-3.0 and to gain roughness 45-70 mkm before painting.

We have 2 shot blasting cameras each 6x18x5 m. Max weight to shot blast in one time is 5 tons.


At our factory we have 2 heatable (+18 °C in winter) painting facilities each 18x90x5 m large. Totally our paintshop is more than 3000 m² big.
Each facility have 2x5t cranes, so it is possible to paint 10t heavy constructions in one piece. Typically we are using epoxy or polyurethane paints EN ISO 12944-5 prime/finish system. We can offer any paint system and tone according to EN ISO 12944-5 standard.