Solutions for Your specific needs 

With our skilled engineering team and wide manufacturing possibilities, we can create solutions that will suit even the most specific requirements. RK Machinery has experience in production of tailor-made units for various of industries. From food and wood processing to wastewater treatment equipment. 

Cooperation with RK Machinery includes full cycle of product development, starting from conceptual design & engineering, along with CAD modelling and effective prototyping, to in-house manufacturing, logistics, installation and testing. The process is managed by our professional project managers, ensuring swift and effective cooperation and communication between involved parties. 

 Our services: 

  • Design and engineering 
  • Full life-cycle production 
  • Custom machinery
  • Conveyor systems 
  • Series production
  • Architectural elements 
  • Automatic solutions 

 Contact our sales  team  to learn more how we can help with Your particular project.  



RK Machinery engineering team consists of competent mechanical and mechatronics engineers, who have successfully completed numerous projects of various complexity levels. Our advantage is the close cooperation with our production units.  

Our engineers will assist with product concept and design, including CAD modelling and effective prototyping. Prototyping is an important part of our quality management, as it improves our engineer’s ability to eradicate any design flaws and manufacturing difficulties. 

Engineers work with up-to-date software: all design work, calculations and pre-production processes are carried out with CAD, CAE and CAM software, thus increasing efficiency and product quality. 



RK Machinery has wide production capabilities, being a part of one of the leading steel and metal processing companies in Latvia with the total production area of 22 500 m2. 

Our manufacturing process includes multiple quality checks along all phases of production, assuring that You will receive the highest quality product 

RK Machinery technical capabilities:  

  • Laser cutting of steel, stainless steel and aluminium 
  • Plasma and oxygen cutting 
  • Plate bending/rolling 
  • Welding MIG/MAG, TIG 
  • CNC machining & CNC turning
  • Manual turning and milling 
  • Surface treatment 

Full machine list can be downloaded  here



We offer our clients assembly and testing of mechanical, electrical, pneumatical and hydraulic systems. Our highly qualified installation team can find solutions instantly,  thanks to their extensive practical experience. 



RK Machinery is pleased to serve clients all over the world, ensuring swift logistics wherever it’s needed. Our clients operate in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, the USA, Iceland, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and many other countries.